Welcome to the VOSHAPE Collective: an inclusive community that empowers women of all shapes and sizes to be themselves and live their best lives. We are looking for confident content creators with great engagement that are committed to promoting our brand, contribute to our cause to help pulmonary hypertension, and share our message of self-acceptance and body positivity through their own social media accounts.

As part of our inner circle, we want someone just as enthusiastic about our mission to deliver style and support a good cause. By joining the VOSHAPE Collective, both you and your followers have access to exclusive product discounts and get to learn about the newest arrivals. You get to earn 10% commission selling products by creating share-worthy experiences with our brand. With every product you sell through promotion, you’re also donating to a great cause and creating awareness: we pledge 5% of each sale towards pulmonary hypertension research to help find a cure. Partner with us to have a chance to be featured on our social account and create inspiring content, continuing to spread body positivity and support each other, just like VOSHAPE.

Content creators should be 18+ with public social media profiles with at least 3,000 followers and great engagement. The more posts you create (complimentary), the more you share, the more opportunities you have to be featured on our social channels. We promote our ambassadors to help them generate sales, gain exposure, and build their own brand.

If you’re interested in joining, fill out this application form. Someone from our team will reach out if you’re a good match.

In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Tiktok!

Approval to join the VOSHAPE Brand Ambassador Program is dependent on brand compatibility, product availability and marketing needs at the time of application. We typically choose ambassadors from our customer base. We love working with women who know and love our brand already.